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United Islamic Cyber Force
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Tom Medley



PorkChat, a Chrome Extension for Stack Exchange chat, bundling up a lot of userscripts, optimising them, and adding some new ones.


A little late due to being on holiday: A Pebble icon set on The Noun Project:



A short story: epub, mobi.


As a sort of New Year’s Resolution, and to try and clear my backlog of half-finished ideas, I’m going to try and ‘finish’ something every month.

This month, I made a wireless controller for my Raspberry Pi Google Play Jukebox. I made it using a Wireless Inventor’s Kit that makes it all rather easy.

Although it works, it would be good to mount it in something that looks a little nicer, but that looks like it’s going to have to be a different project now.


I made a game: Speed Warp

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 16.50.42I made a game: Speed Warp. It’s heavily influenced by Candy Box, and contains one or two minor references.

If you haven’t played this type of game before and you’re confused – just wait. Things get more interesting as the game goes on. The fun is in the discovery…

Raspberry Pi Radios

An ongoing project has been using my Raspberry Pi as a radio. I have it connected to some speakers in the kitchen, and have it serving the radio controls via HTTP.

I’ve made two version so far, one for playing streaming radio services and another for playing Google Music.

I’ve used bootstrap to set up the UI so that they’re usable from mobiles. There are also simple endpoints for playing stuff, I’ve used Tasker to set up shortcuts on my home-screen, and buttons on my Pebble that ping the appropriate url to instantly play/stop music.

Replacement Dilbert RSS Feeds – with images

Dilbert.com recently nerfed their RSS feeds forcing you to click through to the site to view the comic. I’ve made a script that you can use to generate a feed like their old one with images inline. It’s available on github: Dilbert RSS Replacement

London Youth Choir

I have recently been working on designs for the newly-formed London Youth Choir. This includes the logo and a simple website.

The brief for the logo was to create something playful, bold and adaptable that used the London skyline as a theme.

Sites should publish their password hashes

There’s a big problem with all sites that store a password to perform authentication – you have no idea what security measures are being taken to protect the stored passwords. How do you know how your password is ‘secure’ once it’s at the other end? How can you know? Sites should publish their password hashes continued »

Hangman Overkill

Following up on my previous post about optimal hangman strategy, I’ve run some more experiments, fixed up and tested my script, with some interesting results.

First of all, I tested the script in a game of hangman against every single word in a 70k word dictionary. I played with 10 lives before losing, which is probably on the conservative side, 12 seems like a common figure. The script lost on 469 words, of which 99 were 3 letters long. There were 20 words 7 letters long, all of which ended in ‘ing’. There were no words of 8 letters or longer.

Hangman Overkill continued »