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United Islamic Cyber Force
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General News | Tom Medley

General News



PorkChat, a Chrome Extension for Stack Exchange chat, bundling up a lot of userscripts, optimising them, and adding some new ones.


A little late due to being on holiday: A Pebble icon set on The Noun Project:



A short story: epub, mobi.

APN Settings for Android O2 UK

I recently set up my phone to O2, and had trouble finding the correct settings. They are as follows: (more…)

StegDroid wins 2nd prize at SBSeg

At the SBSeg conference, StegDroid won honours as the second best paper in the undergraduate track.

Dual Monitor Full Screen Fix for OSX Lion

I’ve found a way around the useless full screen implementation in OSX, thanks to Geet Duggal. Here’s a refined version of the┬áprocedure, where I’ll have Xcode full screen on one monitor, and terminal and Chrome open on my secondary monitor:

  1. Arrange the application windows you want to have on your second screen as you would like them. You will not be able to rearrange them once they are there.
  2. Completely quit the applications you wish to use on your second monitor, e.g. terminal, Chrome.
  3. Full screen your app (Xcode)
  4. Using the trackpad, swipe with three fingers a little bit, so that just the edge of the next space is visible (but it won’t switch when you let go)
  5. Keeping your fingers on the trackpad, hit cmd + space to open Spotlight and type in the name of the program you wish to launch on the second monitor (terminal)
  6. Hit enter to launch the program, wait for the window to display, then you can take your fingers off the trackpad.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for any other apps you wish to launch!
This solution is far from perfect, but it works reliably so it’s a usable workaround until Apple actually fix this.

Essential Tech for Travel

Tech for Travel

Having just spent over a month travelling, and having done a similar stint three years ago, two pieces of technology have changed the experience quite fundamentally. Frankly, if you’re planning a long trip anywhere, these two tools are indispensible:


VX Nano Button Behaving Strangely – Fixed

Over the past few days the left button on my Logitech VX Nano had been playing up (it’s over 3 years old and has had daily use). This was especially noticeable when dragging, or holding down the button. Instead of staying down it would flicker between down and up quickly. Pressing hard worked to solve the problem but it was getting to be a pain. Before heading to Amazon to buy another, I thought I’d have a go at resurrecting it. I didn’t want to take it to bits, to do so I’d have had to remove the low-friction pads from the bottom, and they’d never go back on quite as well afterwards. Instead, I took a long-haired paintbrush with stiff (hog’s hair) bristles and had a good poke around under the button. This seems to have fixed the problem!

Photo Featured in TCS

The Cambridge Student featured a recent photo as photo of the week, it’s of King’s Frontage reflected in the window of Nomads:

Macro on the Cheap

Macro Lenses are expensive, prohibitively so for me. I bought an Opteka Macro Lens from Amazon, which is a tenth of the price, and just screws onto the end of the standard kit lens, with excellent results. The depth of field is tiny, but with a bit of tweaking you can get excellent results. An album of my first try with it is on my Picasa.