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APN Settings for Android O2 UK

I recently set up my phone to O2, and had trouble finding the correct settings. They are as follows: (more…)

Invited to present StegDroid at SBSeg 2011

I have been invited to present StegDroid at the WTICG – SBSeg 2011 workshop, which will take place in Brasília, Brazil.

[translation] The Brazilian Symposium on Information Security and Computer Systems (SBSeg) is a scientific event promoted annually by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). It represents the main forum in the country for the presentation of research and relevant activities related to information security and systems. The 11th symposium will be held between 06 and 11 November 2011 in Brasilia, DF, and is organised by the group of Network Engineering and the Department of Computer Science, both from the University of Brasilia.


The accepted version of the paper is available online at the SBSEG site.

StegDroid reaches the blogosphere!

StegDroid’s been covered on Mobility Digest, and Crypto Pig! Already over 200 users, which for an alpha build of a dissertation project isn’t bad!

Update (2/2/11) Now featured on the home page of xda-developers too!

Update (8/2/11) StegDroid has reached France, and more blogs!


This is a first release of my Dissertation project Android app: StegDroid. It uses Echo Steganography to hide small amounts of data (A text-message’s worth) inside an audio message recorded from the microphone in your phone in a basically un-perceptible way. The data can be encrypted with a password. This is very early days, and there’s a lot of work to be done, but if you’re interested please have a go. QR code after the break.

Update – Now on the Android Market


Android Game: Dust

I’ve just released the first beta version of my first Android game: Dust. It’s a casual game, in which you have to herd dust particles around my desk and into a fiery pit! You can play in either time-trial mode, or in maze mode, where there are 5 levels to complete. Get it now from the Android market! QRCode after the break. (more…)

Mixcloud + Android: An Excellent Combination

Android MixcloudFroyo’s Flash for Android works great with the Mixcloud player. It even stops playing if you get a call/notification and resumes automatically afterwards without any fuss, and it can be tucked away in a browser tab and minimized while you’re doing other stuff, exactly as you would on your laptop.

QR code included after the jump: (more…)

Upgrade your Nexus One to Froyo (Android 2.2) Now

This guide at xda-developers works great:

I updated from Cyanogen 5.0.6

WordPress Android App

Works well, a lot easier to use than wpToGo!

Nexus One Setup on Orange UK

Nexus One on Orange UK

Although the icon isn't on as I'm connected over wifi, 3G works

I got my Nexus One from Google yesterday, and it’s great! It took 3 days to ship from Illinois, and I didn’t need to pay any extra taxes on import after I’d bought it. Everything worked fine out of the box, except for internet over the mobile network, which required setting up the access point manually. This requires going to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names, then tapping Menu and then New APN. The following settings need to be entered: